As a UX designer I am always searching for ways to improve the daily lives of people. This could be in a online way via e.g. digital services, but certainly also in an offline way. In the whole customer journey, there are so many touchpoints on which we can improve things! With an MBO diploma as PHP programmer, an HBO diploma as UX designer and a personal passion for Service Design, I have a broad set of skills and an wide field of interest. In my work I combine these technical skills (e.g. abstract thinking and being analytical) with designer skills (e.g. researching and focussing on the end user). Often I'm referred to as a person who can create a bridge between clients, developers and designers. In my opinion, it's a perfect mix of hard- and soft skills which serves one important purpose: giving people an unforgettable experience!

René Samsen

UX Designer & Creative developer | 06 24 49 98 51

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